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How to remove headers and footers in Word from any page?
When a student writes a scientific article for a university, he should think not only about the material itself, but also about its design. In the process of work, he needs to take into account the requirements that are indicated in the methodological recommendations of a particular university and standards. It is often necessary to remove headers and footers in the text . You can find out how to do this through the Word editor by reading an article from the experts at .

What are headers and footers?
Headers and footers are lines located at the edge of the typing strip. Often additional information is entered there, for example, the title of the work, the name of the author, the title of the paragraph or section. But sometimes the header is blank. In this situation, you should remove these lines, this will allow you to completely clear this area without changing the parameters of the fields.

Headers and footers are present in all versions of the Word text editor, but the instructions for deleting these lines are the same for all of them.

Removing a header
1. Click on "Insert". It is located in the upper right corner of the control menu.

2. Select from all the presented tools the command "Header".

3. Click on "Remove Header".

Removing footers
To remove the indents located at the bottom of the sheet, you can similarly to the instructions presented above. The only difference is that in this case, the user needs to go to the "Footer" function in the "Insert" menu and remove it.

In the case when the text file contains several sections, in order to get rid of all indents, you need to use the instructions above, for each separately. If you are writing a thesis and you can't do it, and the deadlines are tight, we can follow the design and tell you what is wrong and how to make the design of your work better.

Removing Headers and Footers on a Cover Sheet
Separate requirements for writing a text document for a university are imposed on the title page of the document. Therefore, it is also important for students to understand how to quickly remove indentation from the first page. To get rid of them quickly, you should use the following instructions:

1. Open the "Work with headers and footers" menu. The easiest way to do this is to double-click the indent from the top or bottom of the page.

2. Put a check mark in front of the line "Special header and footer for the first page".

3. Exit "Working with headers and footers". To do this, double-click on any part of the sheet.

As a result, it is possible to get rid of indents on the first page of a text document in less than 1 minute.

Removing headers and footers in the middle or at the end of a file
If you need to remove indents that are located on the page in the middle or at the end of the text file (often you need to do this to start a new section or paragraph), then you need to apply a slightly modified algorithm of actions.

1. Go to the part of the text file where you want to remove the indents.

2. Go to "Layout" or "Page Layout".

3. Go to the "Gap" section.

4. Click on "Next Page".

5. Go to "Working with headers and footers" by double-clicking on the area where these indents are located.

6. Click on the button "As in the previous section". As a result, it will turn out to disable the connection between sections of the document.

7. If you need to get rid of the indentation, which is at the bottom of the sheet, you must click on the "Remove footer" button.

8. When you need to get rid of the line in the upper half of the sheet, you need to click on the "Remove header" button.

9. Exit the "Work with headers and footers" menu. To do this, you need to double-click on the page or click on "Close window of headers and footers".

Remove headers and footers from all pages except the first sheet
The process of removing indents from all sheets, except for the first one, will take several seconds if the user applies the following sequence of actions:

1. To remove indents from each sheet after a break (how to go to this section, described earlier), you need to place the mouse cursor in the desired area.

2. Proceed through steps six through nine from the previous instruction.

3. If different indents are set for odd and even pages, the user needs to do some work for each type of sheet.

The use of headers and footers can be needed in a lot of places. Almost always, when you are writing an official work, whether it be a scientific article or even a biography, proper ownership of headers and footers will make your work more attractive and simply more correct. Therefore, if you are writing a biography and do not know how to use headers and footers or have forgotten to do it, we can help you

Well, hopefully this quick guide has helped you get your future work done right.


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